Al Khalid Basmati Rice

Govet Approved Rice Vriety .
Al Khalid Basmati Rice. World Longest Rice Vriety.
Product Code: Al Khalid Rice
Brand: Agrinext
Warranty: 2year
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Rs. 550
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aik acre sy 75 man tak pedawar hasil krai.

saim zada aur kalrathay raqby k liay behtreen Vriety. Bemario say mehfoz. khad ka kharcha kam.

7kg fee acre.

7kg tak dlivry free.

* New Paddy Variety Al-Khalid Basmati (Super)*

Β The seed is available at very reasonable rates.

Β *Features of Al Khalid Basmati*

πŸ‘ˆ Yield up to 75 manat even in weak field

πŸ‘ˆ Long heavy grain long stem

πŸ‘ˆ Thoth is very short, tall, strong, completely protected from falling

πŸ‘ˆ Kalrathe area

And also extremely successful in saltwater

πŸ‘ˆ Great ability to tillers

πŸ‘ˆ Fragrant long rice is best in cookingΫ”

πŸ‘ˆ Slightly protected variety from diseases

πŸ‘ˆ Ready in 120 days with low dosage

πŸ‘ˆ Slightly immune to bacterial diseases

πŸ‘ˆ Dark green color

πŸ‘ˆ Excellent yield even in low dose

πŸ‘ˆ Tall, strong, immune to fall

πŸ‘ˆ Tillers are erect but long stem and heavy grain

πŸ‘ˆ Slightly protected from insects and diseases.

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