Glaxy Protiene Grass

This is a seasonal grass for animals.
5to6 feet hight.
Every 25 day can get cutt.
8kg/ acre.
Full of Protein.
Better then Sorghum.
Easy to Grow.
  • Glaxy Protiene Grass
  • Summer Grass
Brand: Agrinext
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Rs. 1,500
1kg. 2kg. 8kg Packing available


Solving fodder deficiency in summer.

Safe from diseases.

1-Imported from Thailand.

2-Protein rich fodder.

3-5-6 harvests per year.

4-12 to 15 tons of fodder in each harvest.

5- Ability to withstand intense heat.

6-Seed rate 8 kg per acre.

7- Cultivation time February to September.

8- Harvest when the height of the crop is 5-6 feet and cut 4 inches above the ground.

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